Cycling seasons 2016 and 2017

Had a conversation today with a colleague during lunch.

“Are you done with the racing season? Anything coming up soon?”

“No. I am done, no racing this year for me.”

“Big trips? Expeditions?”

“No. Nothing. Not next year. Some training – yes, but no ultras.”

I think this year I have bitten a piece I can’t quite handle yet. I did not gradually get into bikepacking and ultra winter  riding, but rather threw myself into the water and did 300 miles in snowy wilderness alone with minimalistic setup in pretty short time. Spent two weeks afterwards just recovering from 14 hours daily efforts and having spontaneous tears annoyingly come into my eyes when just thinking about the ride. I wanted to write a story about it, but find myself too tired to even write about that trip.

Then I dived into ultra distance road cycling and realized too late that what I really wanted to do was winning local races and getting sustainable fitness that should stay for years. You can train to perform well at the short events and be an OK long distance racer but not the way around. Long distance events are just too exhausting. Recovery takes too much time and in general they leave no room for hard efforts. Of course I tried to incorporate hard efforts anyway and ended up overreaching twice during the same season. Not quite overtrained but enough to disrupt my training plan and throw me few weeks back. I had a strong start of the season and got lots of support from my clubmates, but when the time came I under performed. Almost every single time I didn’t have just a little bit of gas to make it.  Except maybe two events when I finally got my shit together and did not let myself succumb into another aerobic debt hole.

So my motto for the next season is “steady progress and staying on track”. I want to keep my training sessions as short as possible, humble and to the point. I leave the muscle flex for the final moves in the races and eliminate them from the training. It’s very hard to resist that urge to ride 200, 300, 400 kilometers in one go, but obviously I must…


2 replies to “Cycling seasons 2016 and 2017

    1. Yes, you are right. This was a great year in terms of trying out different things and now it is time to tune the ego down and do less epic but more productive stuff. The goals actually stay the same, I plan to dedicate one season to growing and then get back to winter and summer ultras again.


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