The sun ‘returns’ to Tromsø on 21st January. Yet this year we haven’t really seen it until yesterday. The sun of course was over the horizon, but it was shyly hiding behind the clouds. Now the weather forecast was good and as we haven’t seen our favorite star since November, we decided to so spend the whole gorgeous day outdoors high up in the mountain snowscape.

Wrestling the sausage – a timely practice for the 2-week trip to Finnmark coming up soon. We have set our tent half way up the valley and spared ourselves a cold night. The Tønsvika valley is notorious for its inversion. (Photo: Jennifer King)
The morning views towards Ringvasøya. (Photo: Jennifer King)

We got ready on Friday after work and drove to Tønsvika, 30 min drive out of town. From there we followed the ski-do track up the slope and towards the tree line. We set up the tent just over the steepest climb and slept until the daylight woke us up. At 8:30 AM we were already skiing on towards the top. And we came up just on time for the yellow glow on the east and pink skies on the west.

At midday we got a full hour of direct sunshine. To our next ski trip we have to bring sunglasses and sun screen!

We had an usually warm winter up here and the snow came late. Even last week we had rain again. Luckily there was some 10 cm of new snow on top of the icy layer and skiing was perfect!
Sunset at 3PM. Early winter is the time when both, sunrise and sunset are much longer than the actually day. Today we could not complain…

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